Davos in Tokyo; Video summary is now available!

Last month I joined “Davos experience in TKY.” ←Watch this!

I was a little embarrassed or not confident enough to speak out, but the other attendees were so nice and gradually I could express my own opinion about “Conflict minerals” & “Ethical Fashion”.

Hope my friends who couldn’t see me during my stay in Tokyo can afford some time to watch this video summery as I appear a little in it!

Wish I could attend this every month!

Huge & special thanks to both Yoko & all that are involved!


Working on Website 

Learning Web design from Mr. Jo Kurino-Dews. We met last month, but I am sorry how many mental body blocks I, such a tiny person have given him such a huge guy!

I cannot be kind & gentle all the time as Nanchatte celeb especially as I learn something, so I asked him for face-to-face lesson as I was not happy very much with class lessons last month.

He generously saved some time to teach me not only web design but marketing, his childhood, his family history, basketball history…

Through his story, what is the most essential & important is “Undergoing a devastating  experience is much more than given a birth to a wealthy family with no worries given everything we need so easily.”

He is the one who has solid identity & who believes in his sensibility. If we are someone like him, even a hard environment can never spoil our mood or personality.

In Japanese society, we often compete for superiority with others, but in US they are always based on an idea they are individually different from the beginning. ←I like that idea.

None of us wish devastating experiences, but those may be unavoidable like the four inevitables in human life; birth, ageing, sickness, and death.

Jo, thank you so much for teaching!  Hope to see you after we come back to Hiroshima!

(Lesson for today)

Even if it plants Kurenai (red flower) in a prairie, it does not hide.

Good wine needs no bush. Even if there is the superior man in any place, he attracts attention.

Repetition of confidence & tension 

This gentleman who stared at my camera with 100% confident is also one of the best friends of Match Bro, Mr. Kazuto Hashimoto from Kyoto. He is also a school teacher, his roll model is Match Bro!

What we often discuss is how to visualise something invisible to the eye, such as feelings…I strongly suggest he should take my “Look at me!”® workshop to realise that, but he has not known it yet…He may not be interested in it yet, maybe.←Naughty!

This is 180° turnover from his confidence! LOL!

↓     ↓     ↓

He made closing speech trying to make audience laugh at his joke, but in vain…

However I admire him for his positive behaviour!  He continued it even the jokes were failure.

“Students in Kyoto always laugh at my jokes…”, Hashimoto sensei sighed…

Isn’t there local inequality even in humour? ←That’s what I think!

Hashimoto sensei & I again discussed the difference again in the elevator on our way home.  Nanchatte celeb never waste even a minute!

Enjoy the two totally different pictures!

(Lesson for today)

Jokes depends on the situations.

Try them in many different situations, or occasions,

and we will be able to be “Global Speakers!”